Please note that Christo does not use e-mail himself. Please use our contact form or choose a specific contact from our directory to send a message to Christo's office. The call for autographs is very difficult as all of us work long and hard days. Christo works at least 13 hours every single day. We mention this because you may not always get a reply.

All images used on this website are copyrighted. If you would like to use these images please contact Christo and Jeanne-Claude's exclusive photographer Wolfgang Volz.

Members of the press will find a limited selection of free high-resolution photographs by Wolfgang Volz, images of preparatory drawings and collages by Christo, maps and HD video footage in our Press section.

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Specific Contacts

To acquire original works of art, please contact:

Jok Church, Webmaster
(for inquiries in English only)

To purchase copyrighted images, please contact:

Wolfgang Volz, Photographer
(for inquiries in English, German and Swedish)

Museums, galleries and auction houses, please contact:

Matthias Koddenberg, Art Historian
(for inquiries in English and German)

To acquire limited editions, please read the FAQ.